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Sugar Ball Pythons

Sugar Ball Python Python regius

The Sugar is like an extreme form of Calico.  High white sides, black back with highlighter yellow around the black.  As babies the white is a pinkish color and makes a very attractive bubblegum looking snake.  Some people have said that Sugar and Calico are the same gene because they are similar.  I have produced hundreds of Calicos over the years and I have never produced any that look like the Sugars.  Some are close but in my opinion, the Sugar is definitely a different gene because extreme, high white, spectacular animals like the example pic here are the norm with this gene not the exception like with the calicos.  One thing that will further contribute to the confusion between these two genes is that some breeders are selling calicos as sugars because sugars are in more demand.  I talked to one well known breeder who told me that he was just calling his sugars because they sold better.  I talked to another that told me he was calling his sugars because he bought his from the first breeder as a sugar.  So you can see the problem.  You must be very careful.  If it doesn't look like the most extreme calico you ever saw, you should be skeptical that it is really an authentic sugar.  People can lie, but they cannot fake the animal.  Now that I am working with the real deal and have produced several clutches, I am very excited to work on combinations with this gene.  This gene is just insane.  The calico has its place and we like them, but the sugar is in a class of its own.  Look for many cool things with this gene to come out of our facility.   

Below you will find individual pictures of Sugar Ball Pythons that are Available for immediate shipment. If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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