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Scaleless Head Ball Pythons

Scaleless Head Ball Pythons

I have dreamed about a Scaleless Ball Python since the first time I saw the Scaleless Corn Snakes.  I loved the idea of Sacelelss so much that I started wortking with the corn snakes just so I could work with the mutation.  They are perfect.  They shed perfectly, they eat well and are completely normal in every way other than having smooth skin instead of scales.  Now that we have this mutation in Ball Pythons we will be able to create so many colorful, wonderful snakes, it will truly revolutionize the Ball Game.  The thing about Scaleless that is so great is the way pigment is expressed on the skin.  The colors are more vinrant and the pattern looks like it was painted on.  We also do not get the darkening that comes as a snake ages.  Everything about these new creations is just cool.  
The homozygous Scaleless Ball Pythons like the one pictured above produced by BHB is the result of breeding two Scaleless Heads together.  The gene works like any other co-dominant morph we currently work with.  When bred together the Scaleless Heads will produce 25% Scaleless, 50% Sclaless Heads and 25% Normals.  

This mutation is the last of the big, investment genes.  There are a few other mid-level investment grade ball pythons, but this is the last big one.  The return possibilities are huge for the proven line.  We are working with the proven line.  We will have a several year period where the Scaleless Heads will be sold at investment prices, then just as they start to become more common, the homozygous Scaleless Ball Pythons will be sold at a investment price.  We also have all of the combinations to look forward to producing and selling.  If you are in the ball python business and want to remain relevant, you need this gene in your collection.  

Below you will find individual pictures of Scaleless Head Ball Pythons that are for sale and Available for immediate shipment.  If there are no photos below, please contact us for current availability.

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