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Sales FAQ

There is a Ball Python pictured on the website, Is it still available?
Yes, the website is kept up to date with current availability. When a ball python is sold it is automatically removed from the website.
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Will I receive the same ball python that is pictured on the site?
Yes, unless otherwise stated, all of the pictures are of individual ball pythons and you will receive the ball python you are seeing in the photo?
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Will you send me more photos before I make my decision?
We are one of the few sites that spends a great deal of time photographing each individual ball python that is for sale. We make sure that the photo is a true and accurate representation of the animal and we do not take additional photos on request.
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Do you offer payment plans and how does that work?
Yes, most of the time we will accommodate payment plans. We require 20% down payment. and 20% of the original total per month until the ball python is paid for and then we will make shipping arrangements. The ball python's enclosure is marked with your name and cared for in our facility until it is completely paid for. Payments can be made using the "Payments and Deposits" link on the left side of the website. Simply add the desired amount of currency to your shopping cart and check out as normal. Please type the ID# of the ball python you are making the payment on each time you make a payment. This will ensure proper credit.
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Does sending a payment ensure that I have reserved that animal?
Not necessarily. Our website is largely automated and will remove animals as they are purchased. Unfortunately with payment plans, the removal must be made manually. Until you receive an email confirmation from us stating that the ball python is reserved, then it is still possible for someone else to purchase that animal from the site. In this case we will have to refund your payment or you will have to choose a different animal. Once you have received an email confirmation from us that your ball python is reserved, then it is secure and will not be purchased by anyone else.
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What if I cannot finish paying off a payment plan, are my payments refundable?
NO, please do not enter into a payment plan agreement unless you intend to finish and take delivery of the ball python. We cannot offer any kind of cash refund on payment plans. Many times we have refused other customers the ability to purchase that ball python because you had it reserved. In the case that you cannot finish, we will offer you credit for another, less expensive ball python from the site.
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