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How much is domestic USA shipping?
Shipping is usually around $55 Fedex overnight to your door. The actual shipping charges will be calculated on check out, but will be around $55.
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When will my order ship?
Live animals are only shipped Monday-Thursday. When checking out, there is a place under the "shipping" section of checkout where you can put a desired delivery date. This is a request and it is not a guarantee that your order will arrive that day. We will make every effort to meet this request because we like our customers to be happy. If you would like your order to ship the next business day, also please send us an email after you checkout requesting that we ship immediately. We will reply informing you if this is possible. When we ship you will receive a tracking number and confirmation that your animal has been shipped. Someone at your address will be required to sign for the box. Please ensure that someone will be home to receive the package on the delivery day. If we do not receive an email from you that you want us to ship immediately, we will attempt to notify you before we ship. If we do not receive a response from you, we will NOT ship. It is very important that we communicate with you before we ship to ensure that someone will be home to sign for the box. These are live animals and ensuring that the animal arrives in good condition is our highest priority.
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What should I do if I forgot to put the date I would like to receive the shipment on check out?
Please fill out a contact form to Jeff Byers located in the "Contact Us" section of the site. Simply tell him the date you would like to receive your shipment. Do not make arrangements to receive the shipment unless you have received a confirmation via email from the shipping department or you have received a tracking number showing that your shipment has been sent. This contact form will be a request and it might not be possible for us to ship on your desired date. We will make every effort to meet your request, but until we confirm with you do not expect the shipment to arrive.
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How long should I wait after receiving my Ball Python before I try to feed him/her?
We suggest that you allow a couple days for your new ball python to settle into his/her habitat before you attempt any feeding. Handling should be kept to a minimum during this acclimation period.
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What should I feed my new ball python?
We generally feed live rat fuzzies to baby ball pythons. Occasionally we will offer mouse hoppers. Either is fine for you to feed, but we suggest trying LIVE rat fuzzies for the first few feedings because that is what we were feeding in most circumstances.
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My new Ball Python refused his/her first feeding attempt, what should I do?
Don't worry. It is common for a Ball Python that has had a drastic change in environment to refuse his/her first meal. You should remove the prey item and try again in 5 days. DO NOT TRY TO FEED EVERY DAY. This constant stress of having a prey item out in the enclosure will only exacerbate the problem. None of our Ball Pythons are shipped until they have eaten at least 3 meals. This means that they were feeding well in our facility and it also gives you time to acclimate him/her to yours.
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I am having a feeding problem. My new Ball Python has refused a second time. What should I do?
1. Contact Jeff Byers through a contact form located in the "Contact Us" section of our website, to inform us that you are having a problem.

2. At night, after the sun has done down(not just a dark room, but at night), turn all of the lights in the room off.

3. Place a LIVE rat fuzzy in the enclosure and immediately leave the room.

4. Leave the rat fuzzy in the cage over night and do not even look in the room until morning. A quite undisturbed environment will make the snake feel secure and when he/she goes out to "hunt" that night they will find the rat fuzzy. A rat fuzzy still has its eyes closed and is still nursing, it is not a danger to your snake. NEVER LEAVE A LARGER PREY ITEM IN THE ENCLOSURE OVER NIGHT.

5. If it is gone, then you should be on track to a normal feeding schedule and regimen. If the fuzzy rat is still in the enclosure the next morning, remove it and wait for 5 days. Do not attempt to feed every day.

6. After 5 days, send us another contact form informing us that you are having a problem.

7. This time, still in the dark room and at night, except this time place a LIVE mouse hopper in the enclosure. A mouse hopper can harm your snake, so you should also place a few small pieces of dog food in the enclosure at the same time. Given the choice between eating the dog food and eating your snake, we have never seen a mouse make the choice of the snake. Most chew incidents happen because the rodent is hungry.

8. Only wait 1 hour with the mouse hopper in the enclosure in the dark room. It is too dangerous for you to leave the mouse in overnight.

9. When you check in an hour, the mouse should be a lump in the snake. If it is not, remove the mouse immediately.

10. Contact Cody Jones through the contact form and we will make arrangements to either exchange the snake or offer one on one advice about how to proceed. We rarely ever make it to this point, so do not worry.
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Do you ship Internationally?
We welcome International orders and are very familiar with the export procedures.
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What are the charges involved in an export order?
There is NO CHARGE for CITES permits. We will ship for a Flat rate of $350 to most countries.
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Do you export to my country?
If you can receive permission from your country to LEGALLY import ball pythons, then we can export to you. We have shipped to most countries in Europe, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Mexico and some other South American countries. If you live in a country not listed please fill out a contact form to Mike Wilbanks with your specific export question.
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Is the a minimum order for export?
We have a $2500 minimum order for all export orders. This is because it is not cost effective for either of us to pay all the shipping and other charges for less. Many people will get a group of friends together to place the order so they can meet the minimum.
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How can I receive FREE shipping for an export order?
If you place an order over $7500, we will pay all of the shipping charges and other fees involved in exporting your order to you. This FREE shipping offer can mean thousands in savings to you!
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How do I place an order for delivery to a show you will be attending?
You can place your order directly through our website. The individual pictures are the actual animals you will receive. Simply add them to your cart and check out. During step 2 of Check Out, there is a link near the top under "No Shipping and Other Shipping Options" that says "Click here for rates". Click that link. Choose the "Free Shipping-No Shipping-Pick or Deliver to Show" option. Then we will hand deliver the Ball Pythons of your choice to any show completely free of any additional charges! This includes the famous Terraristika Hamm show in Hamm Germany. This saves you a lot over traditional import because we pay all of the taxes and other transport fees associated with exporting and importing into your country.
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There is a Ball Python pictured on the website, Is it still available?
Yes, the website is kept up to date with current availability. When a ball python is sold it is automatically removed from the website.
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Will I receive the same ball python that is pictured on the site?
Yes, unless otherwise stated, all of the pictures are of individual ball pythons and you will receive the ball python you are seeing in the photo?
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Will you send me more photos before I make my decision?
We are one of the few sites that spends a great deal of time photographing each individual ball python that is for sale. We make sure that the photo is a true and accurate representation of the animal and we do not take additional photos on request.
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Do you offer payment plans and how does that work?
Yes, most of the time we will accommodate payment plans. We require 20% down payment. and 20% of the original total per month until the ball python is paid for and then we will make shipping arrangements. The ball python's enclosure is marked with your name and cared for in our facility until it is completely paid for. Payments can be made using the "Payments and Deposits" link on the left side of the website. Simply add the desires amount of currency to your shopping cart and check out as normal. Please type the ID# of the ball python you are making the payment on each time you make a payment. This will ensure proper credit.
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Does sending a payment ensure that I have reserved that animal?
Not necessarily. Our website is largely automated and will remove animals as they are purchased. Unfortunately with payment plans, the removal must be made manually. Until you receive an email confirmation from us stating that the ball python is reserved, then it is still possible for someone else to purchase that animal from the site. In this case we will have to refund your payment or you will have to choose a different animal. Once you have received an email confirmation from us that your ball python is reserved, then it is secure and will not be purchased by anyone else.
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What if I cannot finish paying off a payment plan, are my payments refundable?
NO, please do not enter into a payment plan agreement unless you intend to finish and take delivery of the ball python. We cannot offer any kind of cash refund on payment plans. Many times we have refused other customers the ability to purchase that ball python because you had it reserved. In the case that you cannot finish, we will offer you credit for another, less expensive ball python from the site.
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