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Domestic Shipping FAQ

How much is domestic USA shipping?
Shipping is usually around $65 Fedex overnight to your door. The actual shipping charges will be calculated on check out, but will be around $65.
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When will my order ship?
Live animals are only shipped Monday-Thursday. If you place an order by 5:00 pm Central time, in most cases we can ship same day and you will have your new snake tomorrow. When checking out, there is a place under the "shipping" section of checkout where you can put a desired delivery date. This is a request and it is not a guarantee that your order will arrive that day. We will make every effort to meet this request because we like our customers to be happy. If you would like your order to ship the next business day, also please send us an email after you checkout requesting that we ship immediately. We will reply informing you if this is possible. When we ship you will receive a tracking number and confirmation that your animal has been shipped. Someone at your address will be required to sign for the box. Please ensure that someone will be home to receive the package on the delivery day. If we do not receive an email from you that you want us to ship immediately, we will attempt to notify you before we ship. If we do not receive a response from you, we will NOT ship. It is very important that we communicate with you before we ship to ensure that someone will be home to sign for the box. These are live animals and ensuring that the animal arrives in good condition is our highest priority.
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What should I do if I forgot to put the date I would like to receive the shipment on check out?
Please fill out a contact form to Willis Beaver located in the "Contact Us" section of the site. Simply tell him the date you would like to receive your shipment. Do not make arrangements to receive the shipment unless you have received a confirmation via email from the shipping department or you have received a tracking number showing that your shipment has been sent. This contact form will be a request and it might not be possible for us to ship on your desired date. We will make every effort to meet your request, but until we confirm with you do not expect the shipment to arrive.
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How do I place an order for delivery to a show you will be attending?
You can place your order directly through our website. The individual pictures are the actual animals you will receive. Simply add them to your cart and check out. During step 2 of Check Out, there is a link near the top under "No Shipping and Other Shipping Options" that says "Click here for rates". Click that link. Choose the "Free Shipping-No Shipping-Pick or Deliver to Show" option. On the notes where it asks for desired delivery date, please put the name and date of the show you would like to take delivery at. Then we will hand deliver the Ball Pythons of your choice to any show completely free of any additional charges! This includes the famous Terraristika Hamm show in Hamm Germany. This saves you a lot over traditional import because we pay all of the taxes and other transport fees associated with exporting and importing into your country.
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